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#whatareyoudoing "Finding solutions for the environment"

For Student Ambassador Nonye Okolo, the Bachelor's degree programme in Environment and Technology was the right choice.

Chukwunonye "Nonye" Okolo has been interested in environmental issues since his school days. For him, his studies are more than just an academic journey - it is his way of actively contributing to future challenges. The student is very keen to find interdisciplinary solutions.  

What made you decide to study Environment and Engineering?

I had been looking more and more into the topic of sustainability and saw the degree program on the FHV homepage. I asked myself the question: "Why should I leave it to other people to solve the problems instead of doing my bit myself?". It was then clear to me that I wanted to do this course. That way I can find sustainable solutions for the environment.  


Are there any specific environmental topics that particularly interest you?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of producing useful materials from waste. In this respect, the topics of recycling and waste management are very exciting. The basics in these areas are process engineering and chemistry, which I also find very interesting;  


In which area are you currently gaining practical experience?

I am currently completing my work placement at the food tech start-up Kern Tec. This company has succeeded in producing valuable food products from stone fruit pits that would otherwise have ended up as waste. I am part of the Proccess Innovation Team, helping to upscale the production processes. I pay particular attention to environmental issues such as water supply and wastewater treatment.  


How do you see your career prospects after graduation?  

I think my career prospects are very good. The demand for experts in the field of sustainability is constantly increasing in a wide range of sectors. More and more companies and organizations are looking for employees who have knowledge of environmental technology or sustainability management and also have the ability to organize and process relevant data.  



Bachelor's degree in Environment and Engineering
Full-time study
6th semester Semester
abroad (optional) 
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