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A project idea at the project forge

New "Digital Transformation Expert" course as a project idea at Projektschmiede at Plattform V

The FHV is planning to introduce a new course entitled "Digital Transformation Expert". This is intended to impart essential digitalization and methodological skills in order to successfully implement the necessary digital transformations in companies.

The research groups brought this practical example to the "Project Forge" format of Platform V in order to obtain input on the following questions, among others:

-           Which skills are particularly in demand?
-           What is the best way to structure the course?
-           What should the main topics be?
-           What is a preferred time frame?

The output of the whole: more than successful.
In addition to practical experience, we were also able to gain further input.

Plattform V's Project Forge supports companies in projects in a co-creative way with the help of people from completely different industries, contexts and backgrounds.  

You can find more information at Platform V


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