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Reliable notification of personally relevant and possibly critical situations has been proven to increase subjective safety.

Today's sensor technology makes it possible to identify many different everyday situations in people's lives. This ranges from the detection of health-promoting behavior (e.g. physical activity) to critical incidents (e.g. falls). Automatically generated and sent messages of this type can be very helpful for many people. Examples are:

  • If you get indications of persistently poor sleep quality, you can think about more sleep hygiene.
  • If you are not moving much, you can think about doing more exercise.
  • If there are signs of a negative change in the daily rhythm, structuring measures can help.
  • If a person in need of care does not get up elsewhere or skips mealtimes, you can find out why.

It is important for acceptance that the technology is unobtrusive and easy to use. For example, most people are familiar with motion detectors on the ceiling and the sending of text messages. Using suitable algorithms, the switching pulses of the motion detectors can provide information about many different types of behavior.


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