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The use of interactive functions of dynamic, audiovisual media, such as videos in digital learning programmes, has been proven to have a positive influence on knowledge acquisition.

The app "Fleeing the Holocaust. My Encounter with Refugees" gives young people access to these historical experiences through the medium of film. It can be used for instruction, youth work or individually.  

The app enables individual learning: the young people select a person, specialize in individual aspects that interest them and create a personal album of their encounter. By sharing these results with someone and/or exchanging them in class, they also learn from each other.

In 2018, the app received the "Worlddidac Award". The jury of the World Didactics Award wrote that "the history app is a particularly commendable product that is highly recommended for use in schools". In 2022, the Austrian Ministry of Education awarded the "Fliehen vor dem Holocaust" app the Learning Apps seal of approval.


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