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Samuel Gunz is our 2.500th outgoing student

and we are very pleased that so many FHV students already took the opportunity to study abroad, to gain professional, linguistic and intercultural skills and to have an unforgettable time!

We celebrate with our 2500th outgoing student!

Samuel Gunz is studying Computer Science - Digital Innovation Bachelor and has just returned from his semester abroad at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, USA. He will now complete his Bachelor's degree at FHV.

"I spent my semester abroad at a private university with about 7000 students, the content of the courses was very interesting and had a good level. We worked a lot in small groups. But I was also particularly enthusiastic about the wide range of sports on campus."

We put the world at your feet!

FHV offers its students numerous opportunities to study abroad. For example, a mobility window for a semester abroad is a fixed part of the curriculum in almost every full-time Bachelor's degree programme. But also as a part-time or Master's student, you have the opportunity to study abroad. Among other things, as part of a study trip, short-term mobility or a double degree. Numerous agreements with over 100 partner universities worldwide as well as various funding programmes are available to you.

Embark on an adventure!

The benefits of a stay abroad are manifold, you can deepen your professional knowledge and language skills, expand your network and meet new people. Just step out of your comfort zone, you'll see it's worth it and you'll grow beyond yourself and learn a lot. At least 50% of graduates of full-time Bachelor's programmes at FHV can add international experience to their CVs and thus score points with global employers in Vorarlberg and beyond.

Are you also interested in becoming an outgoing student and completing a stay abroad? Then find out about your options at: www.fhv.at/outgoing