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Endowed professorship was represented at WI23

Endowed professorship was represented with one track, two workshops and one contribution at the WI23 in Paderborn.

This year, the endowed professorship was represented for several activities at the WI23 in Paderborn.

On the one hand, Ann-Kristin Cordes is involved in one track on "Digital Industry and Retailing" and two workshops. On the other hand, students from the University of Münster are represented with a contribution at the conference in cooperation with us. Ms. Klara Leineweber will be presenting a paper on Digital Health Processes at the conference.

You can find more information about the conference at: WI2023.de

Contribution at the conference:
Leineweber, K. and Cordes, A.-K. (2023) Analysis of Digitalization Opportunities of Nursing Home Processes. In: International Conference on Information Systems (WI).

September 2023