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Lecture: "Digital Innovation and the Innovation Culture of Tomorrow"

Lecture: "Digital Innovation Culture of Tomorrow" at the Vorarlberg State Government

Ann-Kristin Cordes gave a lecture on "Digital Innovation and the Innovation Culture of Tomorrow" at the Vorarlberg state government. Around 120 managers from Vorarlberg were in attendance. 
This lecture took place as part of the "Digital Innovation" lecture series in cooperation with the Vorarlberg state government. 

The following take-aways from the lecture are based on Ann-Kristin's personal experiences from digitalization projects in cooperation with companies:

- Positive error culture: mistakes must be made for success. They are important for learning and transformation.

- Encourage experimentation: In order to make changes, you need to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with joy and fun.

- Use the power of language: Thoughts become words and words become actions. Behavior can be influenced with the right language.

- Live co-creation: Together you create more and faster! Co-creation can produce lighthouse projects that inspire the environment.

- Change perspective: Think in terms of solutions and focus on opportunities for further innovations.

- More than technology: Technology alone is not enough. A growth mindset and the involvement of people are crucial for the success of a digital innovation.


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