Data Sharing Framework for SMEs


Simple solutions for data-based collaboration:

The Data Sharing Framework for SMEs project aims to complete the portfolio of requirements for cross-border and cross-company data-based collaborations. The Data Sharing Framework will include SME-ready, concrete and scalable tools (e.g., model contracts/data governance, data assessment models, IT security concepts, checklists) that SMEs can use to overcome non-technical barriers to data sharing and to identify and leverage value-creating factors of cross-border data sharing.

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The Data Sharing Framework project sets itself the goal of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the funding region in the cross-company and cross-border exchange of data. This is done under the following research and practice guiding theses:


Thesis 1

SMEs can generate added value in the form of new products and services by using and sharing data. From a scientific point of view, the focus of the topic "data" and "data science" has so far been predominantly on the technical implementation of data-intensive business models and collaborations by companies.


Thesis 2

Technical implementation is a necessary condition for data-based services, but it is not sufficient to trigger a willingness to cooperate and share among SMEs regarding their data ("data-sharing"). Many stakeholders are reluctant to share data, especially in a cross-border context, such as the Lake Constance region.


Thesis 3

SMEs need "data access" and "data trust" structures in order to actually leverage possible cooperation potential. This requires, among other things, common standards, an approximate understanding of the value of data, data governance policies, and specific sets of contracts, in combination with trust standards to be defined that provide the necessary formal and informal security.

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project name Data Sharing Framework for SME
Program Interreg ABH
Topic Innovation, data science, data sharing, security, artificial intelligence
Project Index Number ABH097
Project duration 01.10.2020 - 30.06.2023
Project Budget 526,964.19 EUR
ERDF Funding 276,125.03 EUR