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FHV Vorarlberg: Social Work - practical training - well networked

Those responsible for practice-relevant training at universities of social work in Austria, Germany and Switzerland have been meeting since 2017 and have explicitly placed the practical training of students in social work at the center of their conference.

The third international symposium on practical training took place under the motto "Potentials and innovations in practical training. Designing the future of Social Work with professional specialists at the FHNW campus in Muttenz, Switzerland. In his contribution, Oliver Mössinger, MA, DSA (lecturer, practice coordination and coordination of Global Social Dialog - internship program for Social Work students) emphasized the importance of thinking outside the box and critical reflection in order to ensure the quality of teaching.  


Collegial exchange

70 practice teachers from German-speaking countries met over three days. The collegial exchange across national borders enables Social Work practice training to review curricular considerations and further developments, to discuss professional findings and suggestions and to discuss their own research findings on practice training.

In keynotes and workshops, as well as field visits and networking, an intensive exchange of scientific findings and practical experience took place in order to keep Social Work teaching at the best possible level. "The transnational exchange on the conditions and functions of practical phases and practical training is very fruitful and takes a critical look at the coupling of the two learning locations, the practical organization and the university. Through the exchange, the potential of successful learning location cooperation with the practice organizations gains in importance," Mössinger summed up. Among other things, the participants presented new insights and tried-and-tested innovations in practical training and were inspired by them. Findings from theory and research are fundamental here.