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Student Ambassador Theresa Aschaber explains in an interview why she is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Social Work.

Theresa Aschaber from Salzburg appreciates the practical relevance of her bachelor's degree and the connection to theory. Her degree course offers a wide range of career opportunities and the chance to support people in a variety of situations. The worldwide study opportunities and the good supervision provided by the International Office are very important to her.  


Why did you choose the Bachelor's degree in Social Work?

It's because I like working with people. I like the diversity of my degree course. After graduating, I can work in different areas, which keeps things varied. It's very important to me that I enjoy my work and that I'm happy to get involved. My work placement at the Caritas addiction center in Feldkirch met these criteria and gave me interesting insights.  


What role do Social Work experts play in society?

They play a central role because they are involved in different areas. Social Work experts support individuals, families and communities in various life situations. They do this, for example, by providing advice, support and interventions. Ideally, this can help to overcome social problems and promote individual well-being.  


Which areas of work are you particularly interested in at the moment?

Since the beginning of my studies, I have been interested in the social fields of action "Children, Youth and Family". As part of my orientation internship, I was able to get to know the field of "addiction" better. For some time now, I have been increasingly interested in international Social Work. I am currently spending a semester abroad in Sweden and am planning an internship in Africa.  


Why did you decide to spend a semester abroad in Sweden?

It's a unique opportunity that I definitely didn't want to miss. I can immerse myself in Swedish culture, discover a new country, get to know the language and make lots of contacts. In Sweden, I also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from other countries. In addition, it is exciting for me to gain an insight into the systems of other countries. We learn from each other and benefit from our experiences.    


Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BA)
Full-time studies
6 semesters Semester abroad (optional)
Orientation and professional practical training
Language of instruction: German, partly English

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