Partners the JRZ for smart thermal energy systems


"BERTSCHenergy is involved in this project because we want to use the intelligent, automated analysis of thousands of process data from the power plant to uncover hidden optimization potential and identify critical service activities at an early stage." 
Thomas Smetana, university management


BERTSCHenergy implements customized solutions for efficient as well as sustainable energy supply. As a full-service provider, the family-owned company supplies customers with everything from a single source, from plant design and engineering to the commissioning of turnkey power plants.

Ensuring a stable energy supply for industry and regional utilities is becoming more and more important. The quest for energy efficiency and energy autonomy is moving into focus. At the same time, consideration for the environment is increasingly taking on a central role in society as well as in politics. BERTSCHenergy recognized these developments early on, translated them into solutions and has already applied them in numerous projects.

With its own technologies and plants, BERTSCHenergy is making a contribution to achieving climate targets. Specifically, the company enables its customers:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gases ⇒ with gas-fired power plants instead of coal-fired power plants
  • Increasing the renewable energy share ⇒ with biomass power plants
  • Increasing energy efficiency ⇒ with heat recovery plants

Gantner Instruments

"With our flexible data acquisition and real-time data platform, we can provide all partners of the Josef Ressel Center for Intelligent Thermal Energy Systems with reliable and high-quality data for their analysis and subsequent plant optimization. In the intensive exchange with the team, we get valuable feedback for the further optimization of our analysis functions. We are already very excited about the thermal "real-time digital twin" in our Analytics Warehouse."
Jürgen Sutterlüti, VP Energy, Project Manager ITES


Gantner Instruments specializes in precision measurement of mechanical, thermal and electrical quantities. With its creative measurement solutions, the Gantner Instruments team has become a globally recognised player in the data acquisition systems market since its foundation in 1982. Today, the Vorarlberg-based company is a sought-after partner with locations in Europe, the USA, India, China, and Singapore.

From sensor to cloud connectivity Gantner Instruments is able to acquire data from a wide range of sensors at a high speed and with the highest quality. This data is stored, visualized and processed into knowledge in real time. Gantner's cutting-edge technology is widely used for testing and monitoring applications in the mobility, aerospace, construction, and renewable energy sectors.

Innotech MSR

"Almost all devices, equipment and plants in the industrial environment contain components that involve the acquisition of variables, their further processing and the influencing of systems and their behavior. Innotec MSR designs innovative solutions in automation and systems engineering for industrial plant and process technology. Together with the team of the Josef Ressel Center, we want to keep track of even the most complex issues."

Rupp AG

"Rupp is participating in the project in order to reduce the burden on the environment and to fulfill our responsibility to the earth and to people. Optimizing the refrigeration systems and evaporators and the resulting reductions in Energy lets us fulfill this responsibility. Rupp and its employees felt a commitment to sustainability."
Manfred Pipo, Member of the Board


The passion for cheese runs in the family at Rupp. And it's already in the fourth generation. Already as a thirteen-year-old, the company founder Josef Rupp produced cheese on his own. He invested the money he earned in attending a Swiss dairy school. With success.

In 1908, he was the first to start making Swiss-style Emmental cheese in Austria. By the 1920s, he was already exporting his Emmentaler loaves as far as Italy, Belgium, North Africa and America. The start of processed cheese production in the mid-1930s allowed the family business and exports to continue to grow.

In the 1950s, the cornerstones for today's success were then laid. Josef Rupp II paved the way for Enzian Käsle and other processed cheese specialties to become a successful brand product. His wife, Gertrud Rupp, successfully continued on this path by making decisions that were as courageous as they were prudent. The opening of the EU brought with it a growth spurt in exports. The company is now active and represented in 65 countries around the world. Nevertheless, it has not lost its roots. Under the Alma brand, which was incorporated into the company in 2018, Vorarlberg mountain cheese protected by its origin is produced in small mountain dairies. Alma is a long-standing partner of many Vorarlberg alpine dairies and thus a promoter of small-scale agriculture and alpine dairy farming in Vorarlberg, an important guarantor for the preservation of our state's cultural landscape. In the meantime, the third and fourth generations of the entrepreneurial family share the responsibility for a globally active company. And the passion for cheese.

Return heat pumps

"We support the Josef Ressel Center because we see digitization as a great opportunity for our company. We would like to network locally with the FHV and other companies and appreciate that the JRZ is a long-term research project that can be designed flexibly. For new technologies such as artificial intelligence and Big Data applications, we also want to cooperate with external partners."
Lucas Rupp, university management