Energy Research Centre

The state of Vorarlberg is a showcase for energy topics. The Illwerke VKW Professorship for Energy Efficiency strengthens this pioneering task. It also serves as a key contact for energy research in the state of Vorarlberg. Our focus in research and teaching lies on renewable energy technologies and efficient energy use. So we particularly work on the following fields of action:

Dynamics of Energy Systems Renewable energy technologies succumb heavily on temporal fluctuation. Therefore, our research focuses on the modeling and regulation of the temporal dynamics of energy technologies.

Micro-Structured Materials We research, develop and optimise micro-structured materials for energy system applications. We are especially interested in tomography-based numeric solutions.

Multiscaling We design a range of analytical and numeric methods, especially for the purpose of understanding and mastering variable length scales within energy systems.

Thermic Systems The vast majority of the primary energy carriers are converted thermally; therefore, we also research the transfer of thermal energy through radiation.

The Illwerke VKW Professorship for Energy Efficiency provides a range of services, particulary tomograhic scans and studies in the fields of energy technology and energy efficiency.

If you are interested in scans or other research, please contact:
Mag. Stefan Arzbacher: 

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