XR/UX Innovation Lab 

The visualization of individual process steps, entire production lines or even the use of VR-based learning environments is playing an increasingly important role not only in industry. If we also combine these systems with modern measurement systems of psycho-physiological indicators on humans, the result is our holistic VR/UX innovation lab.

Extended Reality (XR) Studio

The LED wall is one of the largest 180-degree visualization systems in Vorarlberg and allows the (stereoscopic, if required) display of life-size representations. Example applications are

  • Virtual walk-through of production lines
  • Simulation of critical situations
  • VR-based learning environments in groups of up to 8
  • Immersive experience of a wide variety of video and photographic recordings
  • Virtual TV studio


  • 14 meter x 2.5 meter curved display
  • Resolution of 7600 x 1600 pixels, 1.5mm pixel pitch
  • Stereoscopy in combination with shutter glasses, AR glasses etc.
  • High speed camera (up to 20,000 frames per second, up to 1024x1024 resolution)



  • Use of the LED wall for own productions and learning scenarios
  • Integration and rental of latest AV/VR Head Mounted Displays
  • Recording with 360-degree cameras, 3D depth cameras and full-body motion capture system
  • Creation of 3D computer animations, interactive exhibits, games, etc.


User Experience (UX) Laboratory 

Measurement systems for the acquisition of psycho-physiological indicators of cognitive, emotional and physical processes in humans. Example applications include:

  • Usability optimization of web stores and software (user testing, heuristic inspection)
  • Effect analysis for media and technical devices (e.g. advertising impact, health impact)
  • Ergonomics testing of facilities, equipment, etc. (physical and mental stress testing)
  • Long-term monitoring of behavior and environmental variables


  • mobile and stationary eye tracking devices (eye tracking)
  • mobile and stationary physiological measurement devices for EEG, ECG, EMG, EDA, SpO2, pulse, pulse wave, body position, breath sounds, thoracic and abdominal effort, etc.
  • Light measurement: pulse analysis (12 bit, 10,000,00 samples/s) and spectrum analysis (380nm-780nm)
  • Audio measurement: spectrum analysis (2Hz-23.6kHz) and ultrasound recorder system (1 x 1 MHz/16 bit USB2)



  • Capture of psycho-physiological measures (e.g., polysomnography, brain mapping)
  • Review of technical product characteristics with impact on human health
  • Supporting the use of measurement systems in practice (e.g. indoor localization of persons)
  • Advice and support in the user-centered development of products