OpenIdea_79 Tina Lipsky Artists' Books, artists’ books, livres d’artistes… Endangered Species or New Distinction?

Wednesday, November 22, 2023
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM
FHV, W211/112
Art - above all artists' books - are border crossers. They are books but also art, multilingual and multilayered like modern art and like human communication. From Josef Hoffman, Gustav Klimt and Kolo Moser, to Ed Ruscha, Richard Prince, Sol LeWitt or Louise Bourgeois, to Peter Doig, artists and art institutions have been dealing for decades with the question of what a book can be and what relevance it has for the development of a society. Made the subject of an artistic concept, traditional forms of design are broken with, new spaces are opened up, illustrated, written, bound, colored, collaged and photographed in order to transport the idea of the book and ideas into the book.

The 21st century - the age of the shortage of language, of the quick glance - poses new challenges for publishers like the Secession, artists and graphic designers. Competition from digital media is growing, society is moving away from "deep reading" that encompasses all the senses, towards superficial reading and looking. Instead of consciously flipping through pages, smelling materials, feeling surfaces, and cognitively linking them to the book content, people are skimming screens, always on the lookout for the latest "content".

In the art and creative sector, the question arises as to what the future of an art publication might look like. Do new concepts have to be developed and more "streaming services" offered? Does one cultivate the original idea and thus create collector's items? And how does one integrate the aspect of accessibility and democratic access into these conceptions?


Tina Lipsky is an art historian and teaches at the University of Art in Graz (art history) and at the Vienna Advertising Academy (print production). As the responsible publication manager of the Vereinigung bildender Künstler*innen Wiener Secession (, she has developed over 150 publications to date together with national and international artists and graphic designers since 2011. Awards include: State Prize Most Beautiful Book of Austria 2017 (R.H.Quaytman); Most Beautiful Book of Austria 2019 (Peter Doig).


OpenIdea_79 Tina Lipsky Artists' Books, artists’ books, livr...
06:00 PM
Wednesday, November 22, 2023
FHV, W211/112
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