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Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)

Part-time studies, 6 semesters

Semester abroad (optional)

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees

Application and Admission

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We look forward to receiving your application! Don't hesitate to contact us at any time with questions about your admission to the program or the application process.

The following documents are necessary for your complete application:

  • Online form within the online application
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular format
  • Certificates (high school diploma or equivalent)
  • Proof of work experience or training agreement
  • Passport or ID card
  • Current portrait photo

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Admission procedure

After your application has been submitted and examined, you will receive an email about the admission procedure. In order to ensure a transparent admission procedure for the study places, the study place allocation is carried out in the following stages and the following criteria:

Stage 1

Evaluation of the application documents (35%)

  • Form and completeness of application, cover letter and resume

  • Subject relevance of previous education in terms of IT and Business and Management

  • Special achievements (e.g. certificates, successes in competitions)

  • Further report card grades are used in the following categories:
    Distinction or good success, grade point average,
    Mathematics, German, English

Please submit all pages of your matriculation certificate. If you do not have a school leaving certificate yet, please submit the last year end certificate. If you are entitled to study via additional examinations, please submit your final certificate from the vocational school or the final certificate from the three-year technical college. Applicants with a German Fachhochschule entrance qualification should submit their final examination certificate or, if final examinations are still open, their interim certificate.

Evaluation of past and planned professional activity (25%)

Professional experience is evaluated based on a systematic resume analysis according to application materials. The evaluation is derived from the duration and quality of the existing or planned (in the form of a training agreement) work activity.

A distinction is made between five different categories, each of which is weighted with a different factor:

  • Subject relevance (IT and/or Business and Management) of the work activity*

  • Training agreement with a company

  • Non-subject related work activity and family work

  • Auxiliary activities, civilian service, federal army, social year, etc.

  • Voluntary work (eg, fire department, sports club, ...)

*Information on the training agreement
 To secure you additional points in the admission process, we recommend you as an applicant

  • With relevant professional experience (IT or Business and Management) of less than 5 years or
  • without relevant professional experience or
  • without work experience

to conclude a training agreement with a company.


Stage 2

Structured individual interview (40%):

The structured individual interview is conducted by subject representatives and gives you the opportunity to describe further skills, such as motivation, creativity, learning skills and knowledge that are not directly evident from the application documents. In this interview, you can demonstrate skills and knowledge that are not shown in your previous qualifications and that could be important for the success of your studies. Interview appointments will be offered on an ongoing basis beginning in February.

The best 30 applicants will receive a place at the university.

At the end of the admission process, you will receive written notification.

Enrollment at the FHV will take place in September.