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Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)

Full-time study, complementary professional activity possible, 4 semesters

Semester abroad (optional)

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees


Can I apply if I'm not from Austria?
Yes. Requirements are a completed basic studies in Computer Science or an equivalent study with at least 180 ECTS and very good language skills in German and English. The basic studies you can also have completed at a recognised foreign university. The examination whether you meet the admission requirements with your studies will take place after receipt of your complete application documents. Find out more at admission-requirements.

How much time do I need?
The master's degree in Computer Science is designed as a full-time program. The courses take place from Tuesday to Thursday, sometimes also on Saturdays or depending on the choice of specialisation on other half-days of the week. You will complete a maximum of 18 semester hours per week. In addition to ongoing courses, you will work on study assignments that you have to solve in the group over a certain period of time.

Can I work in addition to my studies?
The master's degree in Computer Science is designed in such a way that experience has shown that a flexible professional activity with a maximum of 40% employment is easily compatible. This offers you the possibility of a smooth career entry in the transition from bachelor to master's degree in. Many regional companies and also the research centres of the FHV are happy to take advantage of this opportunity to recruit future graduates as employees early on.

What does the admission procedure look like?
After receiving your application documents, you will be invited to an informational interview. From your application interview as well as the evaluation of your previous study achievements, a ranking order is created. If you are sufficiently qualified, 20 study places offer you high chances of admission to the degree programme. For more information, visit Application and Admission.

Can parts of the study program also be completed abroad?
In the master's degree in Computer Science, an exchange semester is included in the 2nd semester. Furthermore, individually selectable modules of Contextual Studies can be completed abroad. The preparation of the master's thesis in the 4th semester is also suitable for a stay abroad. For more information, please visit International Studies.

I don't get my degree certificate until after the application deadline, what now?
If you do not have your proof of admission by May 15, please submit interim transcripts with your online application. You can submit your final transcripts by the start of classes in the fall.
Do I have to take additional exams if I have not completed Computer Science basic studies but only an equivalent degree?
Whether your basic studies meet the criteria of equivalence (6 ECTS in each of the five areas mentioned in the admission-requirements) can only be checked once your complete online application is available. If the assessment is positive, you will receive a full admission without conditions. If individual areas are missing, conditions will be discussed with the programme director during the application interview. Regardless of this, it is assumed that you are able to independently identify and remedy deficits in previous knowledge. Previous experiences with graduates from the fields of Biomedical Computer Science and Mechatronics have been very positive.