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Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)

Full-time study, 6 semesters

Semester abroad (optional)

Professional practical training in the 6th semester

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees



Can I study with an apprenticeship certificate?
With a relevant apprenticeship and the appropriate additional exams for Computer Science, you will meet the admission requirements.

Can I apply even if I am not from Austria?
Yes. Prerequisite: general university entrance qualification and very good language skills in German and English on at least level B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Which previous knowledge, especially in the field of programming, should I have?
More than half of our application:s come from general and vocational high schools with no specialisation in Computer Science. Accordingly, no prior knowledge is required. However, the learning curve in programming is steep in the first two semesters and requires appropriate interest and dedication. In our learning management system we have provided some links for preparation.

Can I have previous knowledge from the HTL recognised?
There is the possibility of an entry in the 2nd or 3rd semester. More about this in the admission-requirements.

What does the admission procedure look like?
After receiving your application documents, you will be invited to an informational interview. From the analysis and evaluation of the application documents as well as the application interview, a ranking order is created. For more information, see Application.

I don't get my Matura/Abitur certificate until after the application deadline, what now?
If you do not have your proof of admission by May 15, please include interim transcripts with your application. You can submit the final certificates until the start of studies in the fall.

Can parts of the study program also be completed abroad?
A semester abroad is possible and also recommended. The 5th semester can be completed at one of the numerous partner universities abroad.

How much time do I have to spend on my studies?
. In addition to the approximately 20-25 educational components per week according to the programme structure, you should expect about the same amount of personal work and study per week.