Arts & Culture 


Arts and culture are highly relevant to our society - considered in themselves, as well as in their mutual relations with other social phenomena. They are constitutive for social identity, contribute to the socialization of society's members as well as to the creation of value, and form fields of negotiation and driving forces for social change.  

At the same time, art and cultural institutions as well as artists and cultural mediators are dependent on society, its recognition and appreciation by the population, its reception by different groups of the population, and thus operate in specific and changing economic conditions that enable and limit them.

We use empirical and cultural sociological approaches and methods to investigate everyday cultural phenomena as well as the frameworks and interactions in which art and culture are created and operate. We establish connections between art and culture and issues of other disciplines and investigate current challenges and possibilities of the field in which art and culture become effective for society together with art and culture creators and their institutions, politics and administration. 

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