Social Work & Inequality 


Social inequality has always been part of human societies. Unequal distributions of resources and access entail restrictions on equal opportunities and individual development. In this context, social structures and processes can have a mitigating or exacerbating effect, solidifying or weakening social inequalities. Social inequality is thus a transdisciplinary field that is researched and addressed using approaches from sociology, psychology, education and economics, among others.  

Social Work and its scientific investigation and accompaniment in the form of the Social Work Sciences aim, among other things, to initiate social developments that lead to a reduction in social inequality and to support and strengthen people in social fields of action in order to overcome existential challenges in their living environments. 

We use empirical methods to investigate the characteristics, causes, interrelationships and effects of social inequality and support Social Work, for example, by researching innovative and stimulating measures to strengthen social participation and by monitoring and evaluating professional practice. 

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