New Work & Organization 


The understanding of work has changed. Trends such as globalization, digitalization, individualization or the change in values require organizations to adapt at various levels. Employees and managers are at the center of change and are the most important resource. (Leadership) work is being rethought.Organization, whether as a specific social system or as a relationship-shaping process, has an essential significance in the economic, cultural and political coexistence of people and shapes the transformation and shaping processes in our society in an innovative way.  

Interdisciplinary Research 

We conduct interdisciplinary research in the fields of Business Administration, Sociology and Psychology. In doing so, we investigate - theoretically and empirically supported - the operational as well as inter-company framework conditions and consequences of these developments. Our aim is to derive practice-oriented recommendations for action for companies, institutions and public bodies, based on their objectives and empirical findings. This contributes to a solution-oriented and future-oriented approach to the current challenges in the world of work.  

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