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Digital Networking Meeting for WI-Women

New spokeswoman role for WI-women

Ann-Kristin Cordes was until Wednesday, 13.03.2024 spokeswoman of the WI-Women, a sub-community of "The Business Informatics Association" and had the honor of helping to design this community for the last few years.

On Wednesday, the WI-women met and elected new spokeswomen in the normal rotation. Ann-Kristin handed over her baton to Edona Elshan, who is now the new spokesperson for the WI women.

Ann-Kristin Cordes wishes Edona Elshan (spokeswoman) and the re-elected women Jella Pfeiffer (co-spokeswoman), Steffi Haag (finance officer) and Sofia Schöbel (public relations) congratulations and all the best.