Master InterMedia part-time

InterMedia is the ideal course of study for anyone who wants to deal professionally with current design issues at the cutting edge of technology.

Design is considered the number one driver of innovation. How you can strategically use design as a thinking and shaping tool to make change possible in the present and future is what you'll explore in the master's degree programme InterMedia. Using a variety of methods, you will explore how companies and society can benefit from technological developments such as extended reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and artificial intelligence through design.


After completing your master's degree, a wide range of professional activities will be open to you, ranging from working in companies and institutions, to working in agencies, to founding your own company, depending on your orientation and personal profile.

In your own seminars you will be prepared for your professional career, with a special focus on self-employment as well as business start-up. Leadership positions in the design industry, such as creative director, innovation manager, or communications consultant:in, are virtually impossible to attain without a master's degree.

Access to further studies

The academic degree "Master of Arts in Arts and Design, MA" entitles you to doctoral or PhD studies at a university. A career in research is also open to you.


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