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Master of Arts in Arts and Design (MA)

Part-time studies, 4 semesters

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

Currently no tuition fees

Contents of studies InterMedia

Inspiring: Researching Design

Based on a self-selected research question, you will develop a media technology-supported, communicative solution - from analysis to conception to evaluation. The study program allows you a high degree of specialization

The following areas are available for specialization:

  • Design and Knowledge(s)
  • Systems Design
  • Future and Technology Design

In dialogue with experts from practice and science, you learn to apply design knowledge unerringly and scientifically to develop solutions to complex problems. You will also acquire the key competence of working in interdisciplinary teams in international settings and linking different areas of knowledge.


Master of Arts in Arts and Design (MA)

Part-time studies, 4 semesters

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

Currently no tuition fees

Study programme structure

Learning content in detail

Study and career: yes, it's possible!

Studying part-time is challenging and at the same time very rewarding. The mix of courses in presence, e-learning units, self-organized learning as well as group and project work allows you to combine study and work well. But of course this requires a high level of discipline, consistent time management and a corresponding agreement with your employer. A reduction of the professional activity has proven itself.

These measures enable you to combine your studies, work and private life well:

  • Courses are held in blocks mainly on Thursdays and Fridays (occasionally on Saturdays). There are approximately six additional days of attendance per semester - these take place as two blocks during the week.

  • Optimized schedules with little idle time. Certain weekends are free of classes (Easter, Pentecost, Christmas).

  • Preview of contact hours and exam dates already several months in advance.

  • Presentation and examination times are only changed in exceptional cases (e.g. illness of a lecturer).

  • Team-building events throughout the study

  • Small group sizes create space for individual supervision when working on practice examples, case studies and projects.

  • The availability of electronic media (scripts, eBooks, essays in specialized databases) is very high and is constantly being expanded.

  • Infrastructure opening hours also outside contact hours.

Thinking ahead with Contextual Studies

The Contextual Studies at the FHV is a flexible part of your master's degree programme and a special feature among Austria's universities of applied sciences. It allows you to pursue personal questions of interest, to work independently and explore new territory: in research, in other cultures or disciplines.

Master's degree programmes at our university of applied sciences are characterised by three elements:

1. Core Studies:
The compulsory fundamental subjects in core studies establish the specialist skills and support your professional competences.

2. Specialisation Studies:
In the chosen field of specialisation, you will enhance and specialise - depending on the degree programme - your professional access based on your interests and career goals.

3. Contextual Studies:
In a selection of more than 40 courses, you cross the boundaries between:

  •  disciplines and schools of thought (interdisciplinarity)
  •  cultures, languages and countries (internationality)
  •  current knowledge and the future (research and development)

Your degree programme takes you through all three basic elements. This process allows you to deepen and broaden your skills while letting you incorporate your personal interests in your programme of study.