Examination Regulations

The Examination Regulations are an integral part of the education contract between the student and FH Vorarlberg. It is available to students and lecturers in the degree programme administration offices or in the intranet.

Grading scheme, grade translation and grade distribution guidance

Exams are graded according to the Austrian grading system:

Austrian grading schemeDefinition
1EXCELLENT: Outstanding Performance
2GOOD: Generally good, but with some errors
3SATISFACTORY: Generally sound work with a number of substantial errors
4SUFFICIENT: Performance meets the minimum criteria
5UNSATISFACTORY: <50 % Substantial improvement necessary; requirement of further work
Successfully completedPositive Performance, where a strict differentiation is not adequate
Not completedNegative performance, where a strict differentiation is not adequate
RecognisedTransfer credits for courses with equivalent learning outcomes
(previous education, other university etc.) which are
successfully completed.

Overall Classification of Qualifications

The final bachelor's and master's examinations before a committee are graded according to the following grade scale:

  • "mit Auszeichnung bestanden" – Pass with distinction (in case of excellent performance)
  • "mit gutem Erfolg bestanden" – Pass with merit (in case of performance that is well above average)
  • "bestanden" – Pass (in case of positive assessment)
  • "nicht bestanden" – Fail (in case of negative assessment)

In applying this grading system, it has to be noted that the grades “pass with merit” and “pass with distinction” are reserved exclusively for an examination performance clearly exceeding the level of performance required to pass these final exams.

Grading distribution table

Additional information about the grading system is provided in the Transcript of Records (ToR) in the grading distribution table. The grading distribution table is defined for each of the study fields offered at FH Vorarlberg.

For the degree programmes Engineering & Technology (Computer Science, Mechatronics, Business Administration with Engineering), Business Administration, Design and Social Work, the grades from all courses for the past three years are used to calculate the grade distribution table. This grading table will be updated once a year in autumn.








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