New Ideas for the Delivery Service

A practical project with the Schnitzler fashion house from Münster

Mann in einem Bekleidungsgeschäft | © Modehaus Schnitzler

Andreas Weitkamp, Managing Director of the Schnitzler fashion store on Prinzipalmarkt in Münster, has turned to the Mittelstand4.0 Competence Center Lingen to jointly implement a project. The traditional family business with around 130 employees also includes the "Weitkamp Store" and a "Van Laack" franchise store.


The Current Situation

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Weitkamp noted that retailers are often dependent on the attractiveness and size of the city center and that many customers buy online. The fashion sector in particular has changed significantly in recent years due to online stores. This is why Weitkamp introduced an online store with "omnichannel management" a few years ago, thereby expanding its customer base to the European region. Furthermore, there is already cooperation with a local company from Münster, which delivers ordered goods from the online store as well as purchased goods locally to the front door in the Münster area within one day.


The Project

As the idea and implementation of the delivery service originated in-house, Andreas Weitkamp would like an outside perspective. He wants to find out whether there is room for improvement and expansion for his existing delivery service and whether and how it can be established beyond the borders of Münsterland. The aim of the project is therefore initially to analyze the supply chain, which extends from goods receipt to ordering and delivery of the goods to the customer. A digital solution will then be used to improve the existing processes. Weitkamp wants to use the time off due to the pandemic as an opportunity to position itself for the future and prevent potential challenges in the future.


Further Details

Support Program:

This project was carried out by the Mittelstand4.0 Competence Center Lingen as part of the Mittelstand4.0 initiative of the BMWK Ministry (Germany)

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