Health Care and Nursing: For the good of humankind and society

In the Health Care and Nursing bachelor's degree programme, you acquire scientific, specialist and personal development competences in the field of healthcare and nursing. Professional internships in each semester offer you a high level of practical experience. In addition to the academic degree, after completing your programme you gain the professional qualification for upper level service in health care and nursing.

As a student, both in your studies and in your subsequent professional work, you will be called upon to use all of your skills and competences – working with heart, hand and soul. You thus fulfil the four basic tasks of care:

  • promoting good health,
  • preventing illness,
  • restoring health and
  • alleviating suffering

Key Facts

Bachelor's degree programme, Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BA), combined with the professional experience in Health Care and Nursing
Full-time study, 6 semester (180 ECTS)
Languages of instruction: German, some course units in English
No tuition fees
Semester abroad optional in the 4. semester (recommended)
Internship in each semester, at least (92 ECTS)
Training cooperations: Feldkirch Health Care and Nursing School, Rankweil School for Psychiatric Health Care and Nursing, Unterland School for General Health Care and Nursing
Closing date for applications: May 15

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