Master plan FHV library



The library is a central area of the FHV. It serves as a scientific library for research, teaching and study at the FHV. As far as compatible with this, it assumes tasks of regional literature and information dissemination. As a knowledge navigator, it aims to make an important contribution to the development of the FHV and the region. 


We provide services in the acquisition, indexing and mediation of information. We offer a stock oriented to the needs of our users the fields of Business, Technology, Design, Work and Health. We offer a place of learning and communication, which offers all relevant forms of media for use. 


We want to break new ground in the information society and respond flexibly to new challenges. We want to lay paths through the modern information desert. 
We want to establish contact with our users, seek cooperation and exchange of information with lecturers, researchers, staff and students of the FHV.