Practical information for incoming guest students

Welcome to Vorarlberg
Take advantage of the opportunity to study as a guest for a semester at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg). You will benefit from studying and staying in one of the most innovative and beautiful regions in Europe.

A semester at FH Vorarlberg opens doors to a wide range of opportunities and offers an ideal environment in which to make inspiring contacts and experience learning in new ways.

Personal support, short communication routes, open doors and interesting exchange between students and teaching faculty from around the globe will foster your personal development and specialist qualifications.

Alperen Aslan © FH Vorarlberg

"Vorarlberg is no longer some empty spot. Vorarlberg is a place of self-development, nature and change. Vorarlberg is where I found myself. I'm ready to face the world now."

Alperen Aslan, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Victor Jacobs © FH Vorarlberg

"Have you ever seen someone smile so hard? At least I haven't seen myself smile so hard in my entire life and this picture was taken only 10 days after my arrival in Dornbirn. Coming here was the best choice of my life!"

Victor Jacobs, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Alan Lampert Nieland © FH Vorarlberg

"Come to Dornbirn in Austria was one of my best choices in my life. I have have met lot of new people here that were open to talk and exchange information and experiences."

Alan Lampert Nieland, exchange student from Universidade do Vale do Taquari, Brasil (International Business Bachelor)

Johanna Hokkanen © FH Vorarlberg

"The exchange is not only about stepping out of your comfort zone. It's about life long friendships."

Johanna Hokkanen, exchange student from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland (International Business Bachelor)

Thjis Dreves © FH Vorarlberg

"Going on an exchange has brought me a lot. Besides independency and self-development, I have realized to get the most out of life."

Thijs Dreves, exchange student from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Netherlands (International Business Bachelor)

Arne Mertens © FH Vorarlberg

"The best part of being on this exchange is all the people from around the world and the locals you get to meet. I definitely made some friends for life here. I would recommend everyone to do their exchange here in Dornbirn."

Arne Mertens, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Lore Durieu © FH Vorarlberg

"I've been told I take too many pictures, many times. Yes, I do it to share them with my friends to make them jealous or to send to my family but most of all I make them to not forget."

Lore Durieu, exchange student from HOWEST University College West Flanders, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Jelle van Beuningen © FH Vorarlberg

"Thank you FH Vorarlberg and the team of the International Office for making our semester one to remember forever. Dornbirn really feels like a new home. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Jelle van Beuningen, exchange student from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands (InterMedia Bachelor)

Shaelynn Waseka © FH Vorarlberg

"The main focus of my studies is creativity. This opportunity to live in a different place has helped the creativity process flourish in many varied and some unexplainable ways. The scenery, the people and the experiences will influence my ideas forever."

Shaelynn WASEKA, exchange student from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA (InterMedia Bachelor)

Tatiana Shchankina © FH Vorarlberg

"NEVER come to Vorarlberg! Never! If you come here, believe me, it will be impossible to leave it, because this place is amazingly perfect!"

Tatiana Shchankina, exchange student from Russian Plekhanov Academy of Economics Moscow, Russia (International Business Bachelor)

Hannah Seeto © FH Vorarlberg

"Coming to Dornbirn for my global exchange semester has been one of the best decisions of my student life. You could say it’s been the peak of my uni experience!"

Hannah Seeto, exchange student from University of Technology Sydney, Australia (InterMedia Bachelor)

Marije Timmermans © FH Vorarlberg

"Enjoying the autumn time in beautiful Austria and looking forward to mountains full of snow."

Marije Timmermans, exchange student from Inholland University, Niederlande (International Business Bachelor)

Gustavo André Welsh Sanmartín © FH Vorarlberg

"Coming to Dornbirn to study at FH Vorarlberg was one of the best decisions I could have made."

Gustavo André Welsh Sanmartín, exchange student from Monterrey University, Mexico (Mechatronik Bachelor)

Christopher Hindenberger © FH Vorarlberg

“This is a photo of myself, in Lindau, with two of the other International students which I met while studying in Dornbirn. Coming here has opened my eyes with so many beautiful places and has impacted my life with so many long lasting friendships.”

Christopher Hindenberger, exchange student from Tennessee Technological University, USA (International Business Bachelor)

Hanna Sandström © FH Vorarlberg

“If you are thinking about studying abroad, no matter if it is Austria, South Africa or Canada, or even Denmark - do it!”

Hanna Sandström, exchange student from Jönköping University, Sweden (Social Work Bachelor)

Júlia Luiza Lorenzini © FH Vorarlberg

“Dornbirn surprises me every single day! I’m more than happy to be here. Thank you FH Vorarlberg for receiving me so well! This experience will be in my heart for the rest of my life.”

Júlia Luiza Lorenzini, exchange student from Universidade do Vale do Taquari – Univates, Brazil (International Business Bachelor)

Jakob Juliaan Woltjer © FH Vorarlberg

“We took a hike on the Staufenberg to see if there still is snow there, and apparently there is ... Me and my friends have a bet that we couldn’t shave until this snow gone.”

Jakob Juliaan Woltjer, exchange student from Fontys, Netherlands (InterMedia Bachelor)

Huan Zhang © FH Vorarlberg

“My first walk to the Karren was really hard for me because I was physically poor ... These days, I often go to the Karren - almost every weekend. I totally enjoy everything in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg!“

Huan Zhang, exchange student from Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance, China (Social Work Bachelor)

Daria Antoniuk © FH Vorarlberg

"My Erasmus exchange gave me many lessons. But the most important one is: Dare to cross the borders of your comfort zone to open the doors to new experiences and opportunities."

Daria Antoniuk, exchange student from Vistula University – Poland (International Business Bachelor)

Camilo Gálvez © FH Vorarlberg

"Undoubtedly I'm going to tell my children and grandchildren about this wonderful adventure. VIVA AUSTRIA!"

Camilo Gálvez, exchange student from Universidad del Desarrollo – Chile (Computer Science Bachelor)

Stefania-Iulia Popa © FH Vorarlberg

"I try to think of something I didn't like here, but I can't find."

Stefania-Iulia Popa, exchange student from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen – Netherlands (International Business Bachelor)

Owain Lewis © FH Vorarlberg

"This semester in Austria made me change my eyes on the rest of the world."

Owain Lewis, exchange student from ESC Rennes School of Business – France (International Business Bachelor)

Filip Sigemo Harging © FH Vorarlberg

"Filling out the application form to study abroad at FH Vorarlberg is by far the best decision I’ve made in my life."

Filip Sigemo Harging, exchange student from Mälardalen University – Sweden (International Business Bachelor)

Ryan Hart © FH Vorarlberg

"Dornbirn has welcomed me like a friend, and every day I spend here feels like home."

Ryan Hart, exchange student from Missouri University of Science & Technology – USA (Electrical Engineering Dual Bachelor)

Franziska Gabriele Dorsch © FH Vorarlberg

"It was the best decision to delete my original place in Copenhagen and come to Dornbirn. The landscape, the mountains are so stunning and amazing. FH Vorarlberg is very personal and my studies are intensive and informative."

Franziska Gabriele Dorsch, exchange student from Hochschule Coburg – Germany (Social Work Bachelor)

Evi Marechal © FH Vorarlberg

"I really enjoy every moment in Dornbirn. Each day feels like vacation when you are surrounded by mountains. There is no way you will not fall in love with this beautiful area. I am so happy that I jumped into this adventure! Thank you FH Vorarlberg!"

Evi Marechal, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool – Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Jawdat Yacoub Joudeh Shweiki © FH Vorarlberg

"I believe that this is one of my best semesters in my life, especially because it's my first time in Europe. Dornbirn is so perfect and peaceful. After tough years in a big city like Istanbul I needed to live in such a place like Dornbirn."

Jawdat Yacoub Joudeh Shweiki, exchange student from Istanbul Bilgi University – Turkey (International Business Bachelor)

Michael van Ingen und Mark van Hoeve

"This photo represents all our adventures during our exchange: funny, making new friends and having a good time with each other."

Michael van Ingen und Mark van Hoeve exchange students from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen – Netherlands (Mechatronics Bachelor)

Theresa Lena Angl © FH Vorarlberg

"Almost every day was an adventure and there are still so many peaks to discover! Even after my semester here I will probably spend a lot of time here!"

Theresa Lena Angl, exchange student from Libera Università di Bolzano – Italy (InterMedia Bachelor)

Joao Paulo de Melo Cardoso © FH Vorarlberg

"For me, it's been a great opportunity for personal and professional growth and I am so happy with. Even being away from my country, I feel at home here."

Joao Paulo de Melo Cardoso, exchange student from the Pontifical University Catholic of Paraná – Brazil

Audrey Bolinger

"I greatly enjoyed everything about my stay - from the classes, to the people, to the beautiful town, to the apartment, everything. I hope other students can find the greatness in their study abroad experience just as I have."

Audrey Rose Bolinger, exchange student from the Northwest Missouri State University Maryville - USA

Kayla Land

"Austria was the best place I could have chosen to study abroad. I have always loved the mountains, but nothing compares to the beauty of those in Vorarlberg."

Kayla Dawn Land, exchange student from the University of North Alabama - USA

Jasmine Hoerter

"Austria is truly bewitching. I thought America's west coast was as good as it gets, but venturing to Austria struck me straight in the heart."

Jasmine Marie Hoerter, exchange student from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design - USA

Audrey Bolinger

"I've really enjoyed the atmosphere here, the beautiful mountains and the people."

Tapio Moilanen, exchange student from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences - Finland

Laura Manninen © FH Vorarlberg

"Hiking in the mountains is awesome and every day I learn something new about Austria or other cultures while spending time with other exchange students and local people. I can warmly recommend studying in Dornbirn for everyone."

Laura Manninen, exchange student from the Lappeenranta University of Technology - Finland

Tannu Yadav

"Going to Austria was one of the best decisions I had made in my life. Studying in Dornbirn was like a dream come true to me: It's a pleasant & peaceful place full of mountains & greenery, even the scenery from the classroom was captivating."

Tannu Yadav, exchange student from the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Usha and Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management (BULMIM) – India

Ismien Vervaeke

"I fell in love with Dornbirn and everything around. Wherever you are in Dornbirn, it seems that the mountains are always embracing you."

Ismien Vervaeke, exchange student from the HOWEST - University College West Flanders - Belgium

Sarah Corneillie

"I'm really glad I took this wonderful opportunity and came to study at FH Vorarlberg in Dornbirn. I learned a lot about this semester and I really enjoyed the country."

Sarah Corneillie, exchange student from HOWEST, University College West Flanders - Belgium

Maragall Manuel

"My exchange semester at FH Vorarlberg was absolutely great. I will tell everybody to come here for an exchange semester."

Manuel Maragall Cambra, exchange student from Universidad Polytècnica de Catalunia - Spain

Monika Cukor

"University is amazing. Beside the fact that more than half of it is totally new, the professors and other employees are the nicest and most helpful human beings I have ever had contact with on my educational path."

Monika Cukor, exchange student from the University of Ljubljana - Slovenia

Eadaoin Burke

"FH Vorarlberg provided me with not only an amazing academic experience but friends and memory's I will have for life. I try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and I couldn't be happiest I took the opportunity to study in Dornbirn."

Éadaoin Burke, exchange student from Galway, Mayo Institute of Technology - Irland

Hung-Che Lin

"Austria is a beautiful country with a remarkable culture and nice people. People don't pay a lot to study in Austria but the quality is quite high. I would like to thank all the people in Vorarlberg!"

Hung-Che Lin, exchange student from Taiwan Tech - Taiwan

Birkan Kayi

"I want to say thanks to the people who work in the International Office at FH Vorarlberg, they made my semester unforgettable. Like I always say, they are really good in their job. Thank you so much again and again!"

Birkan Kayi, exchange student from Yildiz Technical University – Turkey

Blanka Novotna

"My semester in Austria was a perfect experience and I am really happy that I decided to go for study exchange."

Blanka Novotna, exchange student from IBA International Business Academy – Denmark

Erin Hisle

"I would recommend coming to Dornbirn to anyone and hope to visit again one day! I was really excited to learn about social work from an Austrian perspective so I decided to study here."

Erin Hisle, exchange student from Eastern Kentucky University – USA

Anita Pronina

"This exchange semester is an unforgettable experience for me. I didn’t expect that it will be so hard for me to say 'Goodbye' to everyone."

Anita Pronina, exchange student from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics – Russia

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